Forensic Accounting

Being overly careful with the finances of your company can go a long way. You don’t want one minor mistake turning into a major court case from improper recordings or other easily preventable mistakes.

If you do find yourself facing a lawsuit or other similar issue, such as divorce, bankruptcy, insurance claims and more, forensic accounting from Robert L Kirchner & Assoc., Inc. may be able to help. With our CPA firm, you can be assured that you are getting an efficient and accurate service dedicated to helping you overcome your financial problems.

A forensic accountant can often catch problems right away. Given the situation, the accountant can then recommend the next step, as well as offer solutions to any foreseeable issues. Fraud forensics is used to assist with many different types of company claims as well, including potential money laundering, bankruptcy fraud and embezzlement forensics. We’re here to support you in the most crucial times for your business. We specialize in a variety of complex financial litigation options.

We also have services in pension audits and pension plans. Giving you the best accounting services while providing excellent customer service is what we strive for everyday. Contact Robert L Kirchner & Assoc., Inc. in Omaha, NE today for more information on all of our services.